Virtual Appliance - installed in less than 10 minutes

  • Enterprise Class Data Protection made accessible in a simple package, with no initial investment
  • Data is deduplicated, compressed, and encrypted, before being transferred to cloud – minimizing storage costs and guaranteeing privacy
  • 256 bit TLS 1.2 encryption of all data in-transit and at rest

Forteco Data Protection is based on IBM Spectrum Protect technologies and AWS S3 storage.

10x faster compression

Forteco DP takes advantage of IBM Spectrum Protect’s Container Pools technology, delivering up to 10x faster compression than traditional solutions

Compression and deduplication typically provides 65% - 90% reduction of data volume; massive savings on software and storage costs

No backup expertise needed

  • Your regular systems administrators can deploy and manage the Forteco appliance
  • Less than 10 minutes to install – simple to operate

IBM Spectrum Protect technology

  • Market leading technology and support
  • Don’t run obsolete technology – latest Spectrum Protect code is always available on Forteco appliance
  • Minutes – not days!
  • Forteco is deployed in minutes, using proven best practices
  • Traditional deployments take days
  • No upfront investment – simple virtual appliance and low monthly costs

Nyherji keeps customer’s data safe with IBM Spectrum Protect